• Environmental assessment and ecological forecasting with use of modern technologies of ecological diagnostics in the framework of the concept of the self-organized criticality and with the use of the methods of cluster and factor analysis, and the analysis of core components;
  • Studying anthropogenic effects on ecosystems, inventory and preservation of biodiversity of regional flora and fauna;
  • Microbiological analysis of natural ecosystems. Quantitative estimation of specific groups of microorganisms ( nitrogen-fixing , ammonifying, nitrifying, and cellulose-decomposing bacteria);
  • Development of enriched by plant growth factors biofertilizers on the basis of nitrogen-fixing bacteria.


Main results:
- Fractal theory of the structure of biotic communities has been developed;
- Scientific principles for regulation of anthropogenic loading on ground and water ecosystems and for assessment of anthropogenic effects of various enterprises by means of seasonal and long-term biomonitoring of territories have been developed;
- Molecular biological and physiological properties of nitrogen-fixing bacteria have been investigated. A collecton of nitrogen-fixing bacteria isolated from various types of soil has been created;
- A series of bacterial preparations for forestry and agriculture on the basis of free-living and associated nitrogen-fixing bacteria has been developed;
- A system for monitoring farmland fertility has been developed on the basis of research into species diversity of soil microbiocenoses involved in the circulation of biogenic elements.

Leading experts:

- David Bezhanovich Gelashvili, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor, Head of Ecology Department;
- Alexander Gennadevich Okhapkin, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor, Head of Botany Department;
- Dmitry Igorevich Iudin, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Doctor of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics), Professor;
- Natalia Arkadyevna Dobrotina, Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), Professor;
- Alexander Ivanovich Rechkin, Candidate of Sciences (Biology), Associate Professor;
- Georgy Alexandrovich Anufriev, Doctor of Sciences (Biology).


- «BIOK» gas-vortex bioreactor, Sayany;
- ABI Prism 3130 DNA genetic analyzer , Аpplied Biosystems;
- GeneAmp PCR system 2720 DNA amplifier, Аpplied Biosystems;
- E-Box.008 computer gel documentation system, Vilber Lourmat;
- Olympus CX 31 Luminescent microscope, Olympus.

Partners and customers: 

- I.N.Blokhina Nizhni Novgorod Research Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology;
- Institute of Ecology of the Volga Basin of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Tolyatti);
- Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ekaterinburg);
- Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Nizhni Novgorod);
- Moscow State University, Ecology Department;
- Upper Volga Basin Directorate of the Agency for Water Resources of the Russian Federation;
- Committee for wildlife protection and natural resources management of the Nizhni Novgorod region;
- State natural reserve «Kerzhensky»;
- Atomproject, Nizhni Novgorod.

Key projects (sources of financing): 

- ISTC, Project No. 3116;
- Committee for wildlife protection and natural resources management of the Nizhni Novgorod region.


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