Do I need a visa?

A Russian student visa is required for nationals of most countries.

 A Russian study visa is required for nationals of most countries. For citizens of the following countries, issuing a student invitation and a student visa is not required: Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

To check whether a visa free regime is applicable in your case, please contact the Russian consulate in your country. Contact info is available here.

 What is a visa?

A visa is an endorsement (a paper sticker) in a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in the Russian Federation.

A study visa gives you permission to enter the Russian Federation for the purpose of studying, and states the conditions of your stay, for example:

The earliest date you can enter Russia

The date your permission to stay (visa) expires

The amount of entries (single-entry visa or multiple visa)

The name of the University

Will the Russian Embassy/Consulate accept an emailed copy of my invitation?

Yes, they will. You need to inform the University in advance about your preferred method of ordering the invitation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation: soft copy or hard copy. If you choose the soft copy, the invitation will be delivered directly to the chosen consular office of the Russian Federation abroad and you will receive the confirmation via e-mail needed to apply at the consular office in order to obtain your Study Visa.

 When can I begin to apply for my study visa?

You can apply for your study visa as soon as you have received the original of your invitation letter & letter of visa support from UNN. You should contact the local Russian Embassy / General Consulate for the most up-to-date information, requirements and visa forms.

How to obtain a visa?

To obtain a Russian student visa, you must first obtain an invitation (visa support) issued by an authorized organization. You should then take that invitation to the Russian consulate in your country in order to obtain an actual visa.

 Can I pay extra to have the visa or invitation completed quickly?

Fast processing services do not exist for study visas and invitations

 Will the Russian Embassy/Consulate accept an emailed copy of my invitation?

Yes, they will. The Ministry of Internal Affairs sends an electronic invitation (soft copy) directly to the chosen Consular Office of the Russian Federation abroad. When the soft copy is ready, the University sends you via e-mail the confirmation necessary for applying to the Consular Office in order to obtain your Study visa.

I think there has been a mistake with my visa – what should I do?

If you notice a mistake, please contact the Russian Embassy/Consulate immediately and before you travel and inform us about the postponed time of you arrival. If your visa is refused, please contact the International Students Office at the University immediately.

 Can I renew my study visa in Russia?

The University will renew the initial three-month study visa. In order to apply for it, you should come to the Visa and Immigration Support office in advance (1.5 months before the end of the visa) and bring your passport, migration card, registration and 1600 rubles (a fee for the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

If I cancel/withdraw from my course of study at UNN, am I able to stay in Russia?

If you cancel/withdraw from your course of study at UNN, you have to apply for the exit visa and leave Russia, unless you have a temporary residence permit or a residence permit in the Russian Federation, arranging a Student Invitation is not required.

 How can a person apply for an exit visa?

An exit visa is a type of visa granted to travelers who intend to leave the country prior to the expiration of the multiple visa. The request for the exit visa should be processed with the Visa and Immigration Support office.

 What if I want to leave Russia for holidays?

Undergraduate and master students can leave Russia for holidays twice during the academic year.   All students have to inform the Visa and Immigration Support office on the dates of the trip in advance and come to the Visa and Immigration Support office on the first working day after their arrival.

 What if I arrive a couple of days before the expiry date of my visa?

Upon arrival you need to be registered at the Local Migration Office and you visa needs to be prolonged at the Regional Migration Office. The process takes not less than a month. If there is not enough time for this procedure, your visa expires, you will have to leave Russia.

 What is the process for minors applying for a visa?

For people under the age of 18 who intends to study in Russia, he or she must follow the usual process for the study visa application.

When will I get a multiple entry visa?

Note that at the top-right corner of the visa, the word "однократная" or "single entry" appears. This means that you may use the visa to enter Russia only once. If you leave Russia, the visa will be invalid for reentry even if the dates on the visa indicate validity. Once the visa is reissued after you arrive at your university the word "однократная" will be replaced by "многократная," or "multiple entry." With this reissued visa, you may enter and leave Russia as many times as you need within the period of validity indicated on the visa.

 For what do I need a migration card?

You must keep the migration card safe for the entire length of your stay in Russia. It is essential to registering your visa - and passport control will ask you for the other half when you leave Russia.

 When and how should I receive a migration card?

Nearly all of Russia's international airports now have computer-automated systems for recording arrivals and departures. So, you should not need to fill out the migration card on your own (but do read the section below on doing so just in case). Passport control at the airport will scan your visa and the migration card will be automatically generated with the appropriate data. Note that they will not explain what they are doing and will often fill out the migration card quickly and silently into your passport. Make sure you watch where it goes so that you don't lose it! Once you have it keep it in a safe place!

 I have lost my passport

1) Please contact the Visa and Immigration Support office to report the loss. Also we will help you to transfer your visa in your new passport. The police certificate and a new passport are a must!
2) Please contact the nearest police station urgently and report the loss. You will be provided with a certificate confirming the loss of your passport.
3) Please contact your Embassy/Consulate in Russia in order to apply for the issue of a new passport.