International academic competition for international prospective Master’s students Open Doors is supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The competition is organized by the Association of Global Universities. Since 2019 UNN is a member of a group of leading Russian universities organizing the Olympiad.

Citizens of any country in the world, except Russia, stateless people and compatriots with a Bachelor’s degree or completing their Bachelor’s program in 2020 can participate in the Open Doors competition.

The winners are to be enrolled for postgraduate studies at leading Russian university within the national scholarship quota (tuition fees are completely covered by the state funding, including the cost of the pre-university Foundation course, if required for better mastery of Russian language). The Olympiad awardees can get 20% discount to the tuition fee for the chosen Master`s Programme at Lobachevsky University. Participants who have scored a significant amount of points but still failed to make it to the top-25% can still be accepted to Master’s program at Lobachevsky University on a privileged terms.

Registration and more info is available on the Open Doors website.

- Computer & Data Science
- Mathematics & Artificial intelligence
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Engineering & Technology
- Economics
- Business & Management
- Politics & International Studies
- Psychology
- Linguistics & Modern Languages


  • - Open Doors is an online contest, so the participants need only to register and don’t have to go anywhere to compete in the Olympiad.
  • - The competition is held both in Russian or in English languages, so the participant can choose the language he/she is more comfortable with.
  • - The winners are granted free tuition at Russia’s best universities co-organizing the competition.
  • - The awardees and top participants can benefit the privileged terms of enrollment & discounts.
  • - The participants can take part in several subject areas at the same time.