STAGE I. Online Registration & Preliminary Contest Selection

  1. 1. Sign-up on the website and confirm your registration email (as login).
  2. 2. Upload your photo and add your personal information in the profile.
  3. 3. Fill-in the online-application form in the profile, choose your prospective study programme at UNN, and indicate Lobachevsky University as your FIRST PRIORITY among up to 6 universities.
  4. 4. Upload the scan copies of your documents, print the application form, and put the date & your signature on the last page.
  5. 5. Scan the signed application form & upload it to your profile. Then complete the registration by sending your documents for checking & contest selection. Don`t forget to check your email about the change of your application status or feedbacks of the Selection Board.
  6. 6. The Selection Board (which consists of the representatives of the Russian Embassy, the local Ministry of Education, and Russian universities) conducts the preliminary screening of candidates on competitive basis (evaluating their academic performance, GPA, scientific impact, achievements in sports, cultural, social and professional activities, and interview or tests results). The Selection Board forms the list of the candidates recommended for the second stage of the contest and the list of candidates in reserve.

N.B. Please respect the application deadlines indicated in the system in compliance with your country!

STAGE II. Contest Selection by University

  1. 1. The applications, which succeed the first stage, are automatically uploaded to the official website and forwarded to the universities listed in the application form for the final approval.
  2. 2. All candidates approved by Lobachevsky University at the second stage are recommended to contact Dr. Konstantin Kemaev, Scholarship Programme Coordinator at UNN (tel.: +7 831 462 35 57, kvk@ to carry out visa & arrival details.

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